What Makes Parasol Different: Diapers for Modern Parents

what makes parasol diapers so great

With so many diaper products out on the market now, it’s hard for always-busy super moms and dads to keep up with it all! Standing at the store, your head can’t help but spin as you weigh pros and cons against your seemingly thinning budget. After all, you want what’s best for your baby. Who doesn’t? But too many diapers are made with harmful chemicals that leave rashes on your little’s little bum, and the ones that are safe don’t seem to fit right—umm, what’s that all about?

Thanks, but no thanks.

Parasol diapers are your new best friend. But what makes our products so different? It’s simple, really. At Parasol, we heard the cries of mamas everywhere and felt their frustration in the sockets of our soul. Parasol diapers aren’t so much a response to a predicament, as they are a solution to your needs.

worlds softest diaper

The World’s Softest Diapers

Snug your little loves in the world’s softest diaper. Featuring a specially developed, ultra-soft topsheet layer, smart drylock® technology, a breathable backsheet, and more, a Parasol diaper is meticulously crafted for mamas and babies everywhere.

But our diapers are more than just ultra-soft, they’re thoughtfully comfortable, designed for life’s many adventures. So, whether they’re dreaming on your chest between tiny baby breaths or crawling around the house with curious excitement, your little will be all giggles and dimples in our amazingly cozy diapers.

Best of all, Parasol hypoallergenic diapers are kind to your little. We don’t use any heavy metals, lead, latex, fragrances, or chlorine—all of which (although somehow approved for use) can seriously irritate your newborn’s delicate skin, leaving them really uncomfortable if not completely miserable. Not that we like to brag or anything—but to top everything off—we hold certifications other diaper companies that you may be using don’t, including:

  • PETA cruelty-free and vegan
  • PEFC forest sustainability
  • IFS HPC & Safety of diaper manufacturer
  • SZU national institution of health
  • TUV inspection of diaper manufacturer

OK, so maybe we like to brag just a little bit—but who doesn’t?

parasol diapers are art

Art For Living

Often, the best art doesn’t belong in a museum. At Parasol, we recognize the beauty in all things. More specifically, we recognize the beauty in living. That life, with all its up and downs, is beautiful. That the act of living is itself art. Not “an art,” but art in its most real and vivid sense. It’s something not just seen with the eye, but felt with the body. We believe that art is an extension and expression of ourselves and the amazing lives we lead.

So, why diapers? A Parasol diaper is more than just another diaper, it’s a diaper that prepares your little for anything and everything. Your newborn is but a tiny paintbrush, who has already begun to paint the world. As works of art, our diapers inspire little bodies and tiny, inquisitive minds.

All too aware of the role art plays in a child’s life, from social and cognitive to spatial development, we set out to create a designer product that is unique to their budding personalities—a product that inspires creativity. Why settle for something boring and uninspired, when your little can have something fun and inventive—something that merges both visual and technical aesthetic? As bold, playful works of art, our diapers do more than help your little potty-train.

On average, the typical child spends anywhere from 2-3 years in diapers. That’s a lot of time! A heck of a lot of time, in fact! And probably too much time for most parents (and most children). Nevertheless, a Parasol diaper is there with your babes, like a small companion, every step of the way to stimulate imagination and encourage adventure during life’s most critical stage.

diaper packaging

Saving the Planet One Diaper at a Time

The world is in a sad, perpetual state of change, there’s no denying that—just look outside your window. Like Superman, we recognize the need to create a planet that is safe for everyone, but especially children—and their children, and so on. At Parasol, we stand for a better way of living today in order to have a better way of living tomorrow.

Ordinary diapers, from the product itself to the packaging it comes in, are a particularly large contributor to the on-going environmental problems and pose a great risk to the future. That’s why we are so committed to delivering a conscious, disposable alternative that isn’t just comfortable on your baby’s bottom, but comfortable for the world. Our eco-friendly diapers are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel to ensure your little has a world to play, learn, and grow in.

It isn’t just our diapers though, but their packaging too. We believe that our packaging, from the moment you see it, truly represents our ideals. It is the full embodiment of our driving spirit, but it represents so much more than our company and what we stand for. The attractive visuals represent hope, joy, and—above all else—a promise.

There’s no need to hide the diapers because company is coming over, let them see that you’re a proud baby mama who’s doing everything she can to make the world just a tiny bit better, all for the sake of her bundle of joy. No matter where accidents happen, our packages display beautifully in every room of the house including, bathrooms, bedrooms, and nurseries.

Parasol does more than just provide you with an incredible diaper, we provide you with peace of mind. From morning to night, raising a newborn is an unpredictable adventure. Ordinary diapers interrupt and get in the way of life’s best moments, but a Parasol diaper makes the journey fun and easy for parents and babies. Super mom’s everywhere, rejoice! A Parasol diaper is your new secret, memory making weapon!

We don’t just design any ordinary diaper, we make the diaper you want and need. We make a diaper that puts a smile on everyone’s face. Mamas around the world asked and we listened. A Parasol diaper isn’t your ordinary diaper. It is a diaper that puts the biggest smile on the tiniest of faces. It is the diaper you want and need.