Home Is Where The Softness Is

Nothing is more important than the home we create for our children, but the beauty of modern parenthood, and of amazing mothers and fathers just like you, is that ‘home’ has grown to mean so much more than just an address.

You can travel the globe with your children, but it’s that underlying sense of true comfort and safety that makes any place in the world feel like home.

The Truth About Safety & Sustainability

We believe that safe and eco-conscious baby products should be a given - that’s obvious. What’s missing is a commitment to going even further.

Take a moment to touch your baby’s diaper and imagine it on your own skin throughout the day -

If it’s not soft enough for you, why should it be good enough for your baby?

The fact is safe & eco-conscious diapers don’t have to be rough and bulky

We’ve spent years developing the first American diaper with an ultra-soft top sheet layer that comforts your child unlike any other, but still uses less wood pulp. The fact is safe and eco-conscious diapers don’t have to be rough and bulky.

Parasol diapers aren’t just soft - they’re the next step in safe, responsible baby care.

  • Less wood pulp
  • Far less tree material from sustainably managed forests
  • Less packaging material
  • Reduced shipping waste
  • Smaller footprint for your baby’s diapers

You Define The Art Of Love,
We Make It Beautiful

We believe there is great beauty in the simple, daily interactions of being a parent. Baby essentials are more than mere diapers and wipes - they’re the precious first moments that form the bond between you and your child.

Modern parenthood is vivid

It’s bold, it’s chic, and it goes way beyond pastel flowers and toy trucks. That’s why we commission hand-picked artists from around the world to draw and paint our designs for each collection of Parasol diapers.